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Haunted: Honey Sherman was ‘ultimate connector’ with ‘best Rolodex in the country’

When Honey Sherman asked to meet Aubrey Dan, son of her billionaire husband’s bitter rival, Leslie Dan, she arrived in his boardroom with a ball cap on, ready to pitch a project that would bring them together.

It was in the early 2000s. Their families had been business rivals since “the heydays of the ’80s,” Aubrey said. But when Honey arrived for lunch at his office for the midday meeting, she appealed to their common ground.

“We both come from the drug industry,” Aubrey said.

The idea Honey had was a Jewish-focused community service for those struggling with addiction. And when she spoke, Aubrey remembered, she spoke warmly. So the project began, and the unlikely pair “just clicked.”

Barry and Honey Sherman were found dead in their North York home on Dec. 15. Police call their deaths “suspicious.” He was 75, she was 70.

Tales of Barry’s pharmaceutical empire as the founder of Apotex often position his wife as a secondary character. But Honey was involved in his success from the early days.

After connecting with Aubrey, the pair’s professional relationship gave way to a personal one that drew her husband into the mix.

By the end of the Shermans’ lives, the two men and former rivals would be sending emails back and forth about the ideal formulations to put medical marijuana into a pill.

Friends describe Honey as a powerhouse in her own right: a strategic voice on charity boards, straight to the point about her opinions, practical, and modest despite her affluence.

“She was the ultimate connector,” said Marilyn Sinclair, Honey’s vice-chair at the Sarah and Chaim Neuberger Holocaust Education Centre.

Bernie Farber, who worked with Honey on several projects over the years, said she probably had “the best Rolodex in the country.”

The couple’s story began simply, as Barry Sherman wrote in an unpublished memoir: “In August 1970, I met Honey Reich.”

She was 23 years old to his 28. She was newly graduated from the University of Toronto with an arts degree from New College and an education degree from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.  (more...)

A New College girl... I knew many of them.  I entered that college just as Honey graduated.  The college was modeled after New College in Oxford and named after it.  The primary financial backer and founder of the college were Canada's freemasons. Some of the students were sons and daughters of Ontario's highest ranking freemasons.  A professor of the college was an Eastern Star recruiter and inducted many of the students into the lodge.  I was solicited myself, in a very heavy-handed manner.

The college was also close to the drama around Henry Morgentaler's abortion clinic. If one wonders why Morgentaler could establish an illegal abortion clinic just off the University of Toronto campus without being arrested and shut down, you can thank the freemasons.  I recall the nursing students resident at the college being rounded up for field trips to that clinic.  The abortion lobby had many boosters in that place.

It is not surprising that Honey's life partner became a purveyor of death.  The drug RU-486 manufactured and distributed by the Sherman's firm, Apotex, is a chemical evolution of Henry Morgentaler's deadly toolkit.  Thousands of souls of murdered babies must have haunted Honey for many years.  Perhaps they are asking her now -- why?



I've been struggling with the conjunction of Honey Sherman's gruesome end, New College, and my experience of the technocratic milieu  in that place as an undergrad. My study of brainwashing and mind control is largely motivated by what I experienced at New College. It makes me wonder if Honey had any abortions while a student at the college, considering that she mostly had miscarriages during her marriage to Barry and that New College was abortion central at the university.  I wonder if a brutal abortion can induce the trauma required to produce a programmed mind-controlled slave.  I wonder how New College has followed her throughout her life among Canada's elite.  And, I wonder why so many professors, dons, and students at the college were either Americans, or the sons and daughters of refugees from Axis countries.  Here is a reading list for curious readers:

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  1. It is interesting to note that recently there have been huge power struggles between various big Pharma giants. It is becomingly evident that this was not a murder suicide (unless Sherman himself hired professional killers, which for a man who had murdered perhaps hundreds of thousands, is very reasonable. Sherman certainly had the brains and the strange manipulating mind to stage such a killing). The reports of the deaths however would seem to indicate that the Sherman's were probably dispatched by extremely well trained, professional killers (e.g. secret service or former secret service) in the pay of a rival big Pharma organization, or a government.