Tuesday, December 5, 2017

PC policy conference was anything but

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Following the recent PC party convention it was suggested by columnist Martin Regg Cohn that Patrick Brown's "People's Guarantee" had the ring of a Marxist manifesto (Brown Remaking PC Party In His Image - Provincial Affairs, Nov. 28). In fact, there is probably more truth to this statement than this writer realized.

Although Brown and the PC executive called it a "policy conference" last weekend, a little research proves that it wasn't.

The voice of concerned parents and grassroot party members was effectively silenced, with the executive essentially violating its own rules governing policy development and the adoption process.

Party members affiliated with PAFE (Parents As First Educators) wishing a repeal of the Wynne sex education curriculum were initially advised in May 2016 by Mr. Brown to bring forth their policy proposals at the next convention. Worth noting is that on Sept. 19, Brown stated: "I strongly support the updated sex ed. curriculum."

In October 2017 when the Liberals introduced a bill that would prohibit all pro-life activities near Ontario abortion clinics, it was the PC party that put forth a motion for its immediate passage.

Rather interestingly, while a Conservative MP in 2012, Patrick Brown voted in favour of a motion aimed at considering protection for the unborn, while in a recent video release stated: "Let me be very clear. I am pro-choice."  (more...)

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