Friday, September 2, 2016

Trumpenkampfverbande: The Underground Reich Emerges Into Plain View

For many years, what Mr. Emory terms “The Underground Reich” has been a fundamental point of discussion and analysis in these broadcasts and posts. In the third program analyzing the Donald Trump campaign, we examine the “Trumpenkampfverbande,” its political antecedents and adherents.

Exemplifying, and networking with, generations of fascists and fascist organizations, the Trumpenkampfverbande embodies the emergence of the Underground Reich into plain view...

A signature element of Trump’s campaign is his resuscitation of the “America First” slogan and concept, a manifestation both of his thinly-veiled appeal to Nazi and white supremacist elements and his willingness to cede dominance over world affairs to a German-dominated “third power bloc.”

Just as America First–in its 1930s manifestation–favored keeping America from becoming involved in Europe, thereby giving Germany an unchallenged position in its hegemonic designs, so, too, Trump’s pronouncements about NATO herald isolationist position for the U.S. that will benefit the EU/Germany.

In addition, the America First concept mobilizes powerful feelings among those feeling overwhelmed and left behind by political and economic developments globally and in the United States.

The “original” America First was financed by Nazi Germany.  (more...)



Truth is, Hillary is just as owned by Soros and the Fourth Reich as The Donald. Yet, all sides agree to stay mum. Better to sleep with the lemmings than the fishes?

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