Sunday, September 11, 2016

College Don Francis Peddles Hermann Hesse

Homoerotic fantasy: “Hermann Heilner slowly extended his arm, took Hans by theshoulder and drew him to him until their faces almost touched. Then Hans was startledto feel the other’s lips touch his.”
Rome ( KNA) Pope Francis appreciates German literature: Hermann Hesse's story "Beneath the Wheel" has been read several times by the head of the Catholic Church, according to Baden-Württemberg's Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann. Francis had met the Green politician and avowed Catholic Francis on Friday at a private audience and brought him a copy of this book. After the meeting, reported Kretschmann, Francis received the gift by saying, "I've already read this three times"...

..."Kretschmann praised Francis after the encounter. He described the pope as a "thoroughly impressive personality." Francis had a "watchful eye" and a "watchful heart".  (more...)

When Max von Sydow isn't playing Jesus,... ahem:

During the sexual revolution, aberosexual college dons used Hermann Hesse as their go-to method of introducing homo- and bi-sexuality to freshmen who otherwise would never have imagined depraved sex. Having opened the "third eye" (i.e., been sodomized), the initiate could then move on to higher knowledge:

That "watchfull eye"... a third eye or a gaydar? Some heresies never abate:

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