Saturday, September 10, 2016

Teacher suspended for incident nearly six years ago

The Ontario College of Teachers has reprimanded and suspended a Limestone District School Board teacher for failing to adequately supervise students during a school trip nearly six years ago.

Charges included allowing students of the opposite sex to share the same hotel room and providing alcohol for the students and drinking with them.

The male teacher, whose name was not released, had a hearing into the case last fall and results of the hearing were posted in the college's September 2016 trade magazine, Professionally Speaking.

The school where the teacher taught was also not identified.

The magazine featured 27 college disciplinary decisions, including sexual misconduct, inadequate supervision on field trip, failing to maintain standards of their profession, and theft of school funds.

Punishment from the college ranges from reprimands, with conditions, to suspensions to revocation of a teacher's licence.

All but three educators were identified by the magazine. The male Limestone member was not identified.  (more...)


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