Friday, September 16, 2016

Province to reveal next move Monday about pastor who won't follow Alberta gay-straight alliance law

Pastor Brian Coldwell of the Harvest Baptist Academy in Spruce Grove in front
of a billboard erected by members of his church. The billboard, which calls for
Bill 10 to be amended, was vandalized this summer.

Alberta’s education minister says he’ll reveal his next move Monday in response to two independent religious schools that refused to follow the law on gay-straight alliances.

Expecting a letter promising the schools would form a student support group if a pupil requested one, Education Minister David Eggen’s office instead received a letter from the schools’ lawyer Friday afternoon.

Friday was deadline day for the Baptist Christian Education Society to deliver a written assurance to the minister that its two Edmonton-area schools would comply with last year’s amendments to the School Act. The schools have about 200 students.

School board chairman Pastor Brian Coldwell has lobbied the government to change the law, saying it infringes on Albertans’ religious freedoms. Pushing for a face-to-face meeting with the minister, Coldwell has said Meadows Baptist Academy and Harvest Baptist Academy will not host gay-straight alliances.  (more...)

Now that the corporatists have failed Alberta, will the real conservatives stand up to their perverse social agenda?

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