Saturday, September 17, 2016

Donald Trump and How He Is Going to Make America Great Again

With the supposed “outsider” Donald Trump having locked up the Republican nomination, we take a look at the underbelly of Trump’s business career. Noted for his supposed business acumen, Trump has benefited from financial dealings with organized crime figures and people with longstanding intelligence connections. Underlying his associations are relationships stretching back to the secreting of Axis loot during, and after, World War II.

Do not fail to note that real estate projects and gambling casinos are major vehicles for laundering money – the available evidence suggests that Trump’s business dealings may well have been money laundering operations.

Program Highlights Include:

*Trump’s flipping of a Palm Beach luxury home to Russian mobster Dimitry Rybobolev.
*Imelda Marcos’s association with Trump associate Adnan Khashoggi.
*Trump’s links to Joseph McCarthy attorney Roy Cohn, and the latter’s links to mob figures.
*Louis Lesser’s association with the Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan milieux.


And, Canadians get their piece of pie:

Your winnings, sir!

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