Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Narcissism: Understanding Michael Voris

Dr. E. Michael Jones just wrote an eBook on Michael Voris and his homosexual past. The unhealed wounds from this past push Voris to scapegoat his self-loathing onto those holding authority in the Catholic Church. Jones explains how the notion of cheap grace picked up maybe from Lutheran/Protestant theology blinds many Christians to the possible necessity of first enduring a painful penitential healing process before venturing out into a public ministry. Narcissism is a possible result of unhealed wounds caused by sin.


This isn't only about Voris. It's endemic in neoCatholicism and its manifestations -- charismaticism, pro-life-ism, Medjugorism, Catholic Zionism, and unhinged anti-clericalism -- which have reinforced and magnified Voris's problems. Long-suffering and exiled grownups must be good parents and protect the young and experienced from exploitation by these controlling manipulators. We need sober and legitimate leadership, not self-affirming cults of personality.


  1. A totally unnecessary and vile publication. What Jones revealed in this putrid book was detraction. I read it, I was disgusted. What he exposed about Michael Voris was without justification; it was vile, it was brutal and nobody's business. It has caused enormous damage that I won't even discuss, damage that goes far beyond Voris.

    1. Vox, I read the book too, and my initial reaction was like yours. However, I see the larger picture differently than you do. I've seen close-up the damage done by neoCatholics and know the the context in which Voris was misled. Most of the culpability doesn't lie with Voris, and Jones makes that clear in the interview. There is a predatory agenda at work, and more experienced members of the community must set aside personal reputations and grapple with the real issues. Jones has made a good beginning by setting out the field of Voris's struggles. Many others are in jeopardy due to these same forces; too many are falling prey, Voris included. Look beyond Voris and you'll see the dangers looming right in our midst.

    2. Tell me did you apply the same principle of investigation to Dr Jones, and the self-projection of unhealed wounds from his past; also if not, why not?

      'We need sober and legitimate leadership, not self-affirming cults of personality.'

      That starts with each one of us, you (and the doctor) included. Yes, Mr Voris has 'issues' - these prompted him to question himself, first and foremost. Clearly you (and the doctor) have 'issues' here - as do I - hopefully these will prompt a response similar to that of Mr Voris (if not in his Shock Jock media mode) .. that is in examination of conscience, with a readiness to tackle the roots of the issue, exposing the lies and falsehoods that sustain it, then taking up spiritual arms against the indifference and hostility and faithlessness which still do so much to cover it all up (in nice-sounding blather).

      Maybe then more will come to perceive, and seek to oppose, the dangers looming right in our midst .. not least in our own often churlish hearts.

      God bless. ;o)

  2. I see the dangers well John, you know that. Michael Voris is my friend. So is another featured that is under interdict. I am disgusted by what Jones did. None of it was necessary. People have been enormously harmed by it.

  3. I read the book and agree with Vox. It was a vile screed against Michael Voris. I am not a fan of Voris, but the utter lack of Christian decency shown in the book turned my stomach. I heartily regret giving a penny to the author.

  4. For those less familiar with the players in this drama:
    Dr. Jones was no outsider regarding CMTV. He was a supporter and mentor to Voris and privy to the breach of trust that alienated him from his sponsors and mentors. Furthermore, as Dr. Jones explains in the above interview, Voris's problem is far from unique. His intent is not to do harm to Voris, but to warn others of the perilous path that he has taken; he shouldn't be spurred on, emulated, or followed. I think Dr. Jones knew he would be vilified for his outspokenness, as he has on many other difficult issues. I commend him for his courage and disregard for the optics of his actions. I don't think he's looking for brand enhancement, market share, or revenue. He just puts out the truth as he knows it and lets Logos do its work.