Sunday, November 22, 2015

Edufascism: German Corporate Control Over American Publishing

 Serpent's Walk
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The relatively obscure Nazi tract Serpent’s Walk is far more than the novel it purports to be. (The book is published by National Vanguard Books, the publisher of The Turner Diaries, used as a blueprint by both Timothy McVeigh and company in the Oklahoma City Bombing and by the Nazi group The Order, which murdered Denver Talk show host Alan Berg.) The book entails Hitler’s SS going underground, putting together a huge capital organization and buying into the American opinion forming media preparatory for taking over the United States.

This broadcast analyzes the takeover of the American publishing industry by German corporations apparently connected to what Mr. Emory calls “the Underground Reich”. This takeover indicates that the Serpent’s Walk scenario is coming true — what educated Americans are going to know about the world, the Second World War, the Third Reich, the Holocaust, etc., will be coming from German corporations and what uneducated Americans are going to know about the world will come from educated Americans. The strategic importance of this takeover could not be exaggerated — it constitutes a profound loss of American national sovereignty. Imagine the United States permitting the Soviet Union to gain control of American publishing (and scientific and technical publishing in particular) during the Cold War. Unthinkable!


The program reviews and further develops the Nazi past of Bertelsmann, the largest English language publisher in the world. In addition to being the largest supplier of books to the Wehrmacht and SS during World War II, the firm’s top executive has been a member of the SS. The program also highlights the appointment of Michael Naumann to be cultural minister of Germany. Naumann had previously served as the head of Henry Holt & Co., after it was purchased by the Nazi-connected Von Holzbrinck firm.

German Corporate Control Over American Publishing Part 1 Part 2


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