Sunday, November 22, 2015

Dalton McGuinty a man of many (self-serving) regrets

Dalton McGuinty has a “few regrets,” and begging his readers’ indulgence he’d like to unburden himself.

He regrets firing his first deputy party leader, Joe Cordiano, “under caucus pressure” — though he allows “others might say I had no choice.” He regrets calling Mike Harris a “thug” — which he says he was “goaded” into by a “wily and persistent” reporter. He regrets suggesting Harris’s cuts to youth services might lead to more incidents like the 1999 school shooting in Taber, Alta. — which media then “gleefully” relayed to the victim’s nonplussed family, he alleges.

You may sense a pattern. He regrets the error. He takes accountability for it. But if you were inclined to absolve him, he might have a suggestion. There’s plenty more of that in McGuinty’s new memoir, Making a Difference.  (more...)

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