Monday, November 9, 2015

The central issue in Ontario's sex curriculum battle: parental rights

Since the release of the new Physical and Health Education curriculum in February of 2015, there have been numerous parental protests across the province. Many parents oppose the sex "education" component of the curriculum because it's too radical and age-inappropriate. Never in the history of Ontario has a document on curriculum created such controversy and criticism. Parents have held car rallies, protests, complained to their MPPs, started to home school and sent their children to private schools. Children have been taken out of  public schools over the issue of the age-inappropriate sex curriculum. Many parents have lost trust in a system that no longer meets the needs of children and truly respects parental rights. But no matter what parents have done to object to the controversial sex curriculum Kathleen Wynne, Minister Liz Sandals and their Liberal government have not given parents any say whatsoever on the issue.

There was even a petition presented in the Legislative Assembly by MP Monte McNaughton of behalf of the Canadian Families Alliance that represents dozens of parental groups across the province. The petition was signed by 185, 000 parents asking the government to withdraw the radical sex "education" component of the Health and Physical Education curriculum. Parents simply want to be consulted and have a say in what their children learn. The government's response has been to shut parents out of the decision making process. In short, the premier and Minister Sandals have told parents the right thing in that they respect parental tights, but in fact have acted to subvert them. Both politicians have actually mislead Ontarians on the issue by telling them one thing and then doing another. The central question that remains is this: does the government of Ontario respect parental rights? If it does, it needs to demonstrate it in both words and deeds.  (more...)

As the curtain comes down on conventional schooling:

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