Sunday, November 29, 2015

Did Cardinal Collins tell MPP Jim Wilson not to oppose Ontario's radical sex curriculum?

The news has come out this past week that MPP Jim Wilson had a private meeting with Cardinal Thomas Collins to discuss Ontario's controversial sex "education." The radical sex curriculum is part of the province's new Health and Physical Education course released in February 2015. LifeSiteNews broke the story this past Friday. Wilson talked about his encounter with Cardinal Collins to university students on a field trip to Queen's Park. He was answering a student question on faith and politics.

According to Wilson, Cardinal Collins told him that since he, Wilson, was now interim House Leader for the Conservative Party, he should back away from opposing the sex curriculum because the Church would not challenge it. The sex curriculum would be taught in separate (Catholic) schools within a Catholic context. For Wilson, the meeting was in his words like "divine intervention" because it gave him and the Conservative Party the direction to take on the issue. In short, do nothing and simply approve it.  (more...)

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