Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Senior politicians from all sides condemn Alison Saunders decision not to prosecute Labour peer Lord Janner

Simon Danczuk lead the intervention
Leading politicians from seven parties have come together to attack the decision not to prosecute Lord Janner over child abuse and accused the CPS of orchestrating a 'whitewash'.

Putting the election aside, 11 leading figures said that Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders was ‘damaging public confidence’ in the justice system with her ruling.

The CPS has been accused of double standards for not prosecuting Lord Janner after it emerged at least 19 men with dementia have been convicted of child sex offences since 2010, including ten in the past year.

MailOnline has revealed that some paedophiles, including several too ill to enter a plea, have still been prosecuted and in some cases jailed for the rest of their lives because of historic sex attacks.

But Alison Saunders and the CPS insist Lord Janner cannot face prosecution.

Politicians have written to a national newspaper to demand the decision be reversed amid public concerns.

The cross-party group, led by Labour’s Simon Danczuk, asked in their letter to The Times: ‘Have we learnt anything from the mistakes of the past?

‘As long as justice is not seen to be done and the greater public interest is not served, the public will see attempts to investigate establishment figures involved in historic child abuse as a whitewash.’  (more...)


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