Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ontario parents plan to pull kids out of school next week to protest Wynne’s sex ed

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne with Education Minister Liz Sandals
TORONTO, April 29, 2015 ( — A student strike called by parents alarmed by the new sex ed curriculum is going ahead for May 4-11 despite an attempt to mollify critics by Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne.

Wynne met today with the leaders of several ad hoc opposition groups critical of Wynne’s new sex education curriculum, which normalizes homosexuality, transgenderism, and pre-marital sexuality, but refused to budge on their call for a serious consultation with parents.

“I feel at this point we’re not driving the strike,” one organizer, Omar Kasmieh, told LifeSiteNews. “ A lot of parents are upset. I don’t think anyone can change their minds.” The curriculum, said Kaslieh, is in conflict with “their religious beliefs, their cultural and family values.”  (more...)

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