Friday, April 24, 2015

Janner gave his children deeds to his £2m home at height of abuse probe

Lord Janner signed over the deeds of his £2 million flat in this complex to his children after the police raid
Lord Janner signed over the deeds of his £2million home to his children at the height of the police paedophile case against him.

It puts the luxury apartment out of reach for potential child abuse victims suing the peer for compensation.

His flat, in a gated community near Hampstead Heath, north London, was transferred free of charge to his two daughters and son in March last year – the same month that police raided his Westminster office, and three months after they had swooped on his home.

The revelation follows an outcry over the decision not to prosecute the former Labour MP for child abuse.

Victims and leading politicians accused Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders of ‘damaging public confidence’ in the justice system with her ruling that Lord Janner’s dementia made him unfit to stand trial – despite a tide of evidence against the 86-year-old.

But his mental health did not seem to stand in the way of him signing legal documents to transfer ownership of the flat.  (more...)

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