Thursday, April 30, 2015

Education Trends in Ontario: When will they ever learn?

We have realized the mistakes we made in the past with the residential schools for the native community. The brutality of taking children away from their parents with even the best of intentions turned out to be a disaster for both the children and their families. Add to that the abusive way some of the children were treated, and the effect was devastating.

If we compare the residential schools with current publicly-funded Ontario schools, we see striking similarities - the only major difference being that the children in our schools still get to go home in the evening.

We bus children out of their community and take them further away from their families and any parental influence. The province makes the educational decisions, cutting out the parents and making their wishes largely irrelevant. And in the same way that child molesters were attracted to the residential schools, pedophiles are now being attracted to Ontario public schools. One of them even served as deputy minister of education and served on the premier's transition team.

I wonder how long it will be before we have problems like those in the residential school system - in Ontario and indeed throughout the western world.


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