Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Professor occupies son’s high school sex ed class to tell everyone about her sexual history

EAST LANSING, Mich. – Some progressives have zero tolerance for abstinence-based sex education.

Northwestern University professor Alice Dreger is a perfect example.

Dreger attended her ninth-grade son’s sex education class earlier this week at East Lansing High School in Michigan.

She was offended by the material being presented, which she expressed through 45 angry tweets, according to media reports.

Dreger was specifically upset by the abstinence-based message being shared with students that day.

“The whole lesson here is ‘sex is part of a terrible lifestyle. Drugs, unemployment, failure to finish school – sex is part of the disaster,'” Dreger tweeted, according to a published report from the Daily Mail.

She seemed to suggest that premarital sex should be promoted in high school classes.

“‘I feel like raising my hand and saying, ‘Can I tell my sexual history, which involves a lot of pleasure before and during marriage?'” she tweeted.

Dreger also struggled to conduct herself in a mature and dignified manner, even in the presence of youngsters.

She told the Lansing State Journal she was asked to leave the school, and was banned unless she’s attending her son’s events, because she used obscenities in front of students after the class.

But she thinks the banishment was politically motivated.  (more...)

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