Sunday, April 26, 2015

Harper Panders to Feminazis to Pre-empt the Shiny Pony

OTTAWA -- The federal government is aiming to increase the number of women on corporate boards across Canada by requiring companies to either put a gender diversity policy in place -- or explain publicly why they don't have one.

The Harper government's latest budget included proposed changes to the Canada Business Corporations Act requiring all companies listed on Canadian stock exchanges to abide by the "comply-or-explain" disclosure model.

Proposed changes are also in the works to get more women on the boards of other non publicly-traded companies, and to ensure corporate board elections and communications are also brought up to date.  (more...)

Abject cowardice in the face of the feminist blackmail cabal once again forces Harper to grovel, as he did when forbidding the vote on when life begins in the womb. Is it only fear of Trudeau Jr.'s appeal to female he-has-great-hair voters, or are there pedophiles in the party that need protection?

Did Kathleen Wynne whisper something in Stephen's ear?

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