Thursday, June 23, 2022

Vaccine Injury Program estimates CAPPED halfway through the first year


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In this report we bring you the 71-page document that the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) is using as a policy framework to implement the brand new Canadian Vaccine Injury Support Program (VISP).

The document came to us through an access to information request (ATIP). If you would like to help offset the costs of filing for and reading through these requests, please consider donating at

In the document, PHAC uses the term “final solution” 34 times. It’s the same genocidal euphemism used by Nazis in World War II that’s now being used in a vaccine compensation policy framework by government officials. If you or I used that phrase, we would be cancelled and censored forever. Since this is the Liberals, it’s okay.

The policy framework reinforces that “through VISP, people in Canada who have experienced a serious and permanent injury as a result of receiving a Health Canada authorized vaccine, administered in Canada on or after December 8, 2020, will have fair and timely access to a vaccine injury support program.”

Tell that to Diana Hoar and Kevin Street who suffer debilitating neurological effects. Or Trina Huss, whose previously managed autoimmune disorder has been unmanageable since her first shot and has been out of work since. Or the nurses who alleged disappearance of vaccine adverse events at the hospital that they worked at. Or teenager Jasmine Cuomo who is wheelchair bound, or 16-year-old Keyonah who suffers tics and black out episodes. Or Celeste Pennington, or Catriona Atkins with her chronic cough, or 16-year-old pericarditis sufferer Josh, or the hundreds of Canadians suffering adverse events as per Canada’s own reporting because the list literally goes on and on.

The criteria to qualify are quite stringent, though. You have to have experienced a serious and permanent injury. It’s defined “a life-threatening or life-altering injury that may require in-person hospitalization, or a prolongation of existing hospitalization, and results in persistent or significant disability or incapacity, or where the outcome is a congenital malformation or death.”

That’s right, death. For the 100% safe and effective novel biologics.

From what we gather, the chronic post-injection tinnitus, that drives you so insane that you want to commit suicide, wouldn’t qualify for compensation.

The framework will “assess causality based on medical documentation submitted by claimants, the Causality Assessment process will be based on accepted industry practices (e.g. World Health Organization guidance on the causality assessment of an adverse event following immunization) and take into account the temporal relationship between the injury and the vaccine as well as existing population-based evidence for causality.” That WHO guidance is a “new revised causality assessment methodology” that uses “causality assessment software.”

The pay out amounts are listed as amounts up to but not exceeding:

  • Income replacement indemnities up to a maximum of $100,000 per year;
  • Injury indemnities up to a maximum of $275,000;
  • Death benefits up to a maximum of $450,000;
  • Funeral costs up to a maximum of $7,000; and
  • Reimbursement of eligible costs including medical and rehabilitation costs otherwise not covered by public or private insurance or benefit programs.

Further in the framework, there is a detailed list of “Assumptions.” We all know what assumptions do, but PHAC only plans to process 400 vaccine injury claims every year. They do, however, “recognize that the program may need to be scaled up if volumes are higher than forecasted.”

As reported previously by Rebel News' Chief Reporter Sheila Gunn Reid, there were already 400 claims received by VISP in the first six months of the program. This was the budget cap of the program. And that’s with doctors being bullied to downplay injuries or list them as something else — a story that I first broke in May 2021, a mere five months after the mass experiment rolled out, with ER doctor Patrick Phillips who was experiencing all of his reports of vaccine adverse events  rejected by his local medical officer of health. He’s been slandered, censored and investigated by his governing body and the mainstream media ever since.

There has been a third party consulting firm commissioned to see this framework through. They budgeted it over five fiscal years, from 2021/2022 until the end of 2026 (as though the serious and permanent injuries will magically go away). The total cost of the program is $32,310,002. Of course, this is entirely taxpayer funded. Not a penny comes from the billionaires at Big Pharma.

This funding is all paid directly to the contractor who is managing the framework, consulting firm Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton (RCGT Consulting). They’re the same firm coordinating with validation experts to review and assess employee vaccination records for compliance.

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