Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Poland Mobilizes


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As the Zelensky regime suffers yet more military setbacks, Warsaw, like a modern-day Don Quixote, rushes to the rescue. Warsaw’s problem, like Don Quixote’s, is they are all bark and no bite.

Poland is, in any case, an ongoing aberration that has oscillated from being a great European power to being an unwavering center of defiance during the Nazi and Soviet eras, most particularly in Gdańsk, its main Baltic Sea port, where 10th SS Panzer Division Frundsberg soldier Günter Grass, was born. That SS soldier Grass and Yiddish writer Isaac Singer, Nobel Prize winners both, rank as Poland’s greatest writers shows that theirs is a delicate legacy their supposed leaders should reflect on when charging to the aid of the murky regime that lurks to Poland’s east.

So, what gifts does this great land of Günter Grass and Isaac Singer come bearing to Clown Prince Zelensky?

Not very much as their larder is bare. Having told Russia to keep her oil, Poland is now demanding that Norway shares her oil profits with them. Although Norway stands to make an extra $100 billion in profits from NATO’s Russian oil blockade, most of that will be earmarked for Norwegians, after the USA gets its cut for their over priced military hardware, of course. Polish diplomats will have their work cut out convincing their Norwegian counter parts that Poland and their foul mouthed Ukrainian colleagues have a claim on Norway’s bounty.

Though Poland could instead demand that NATO’s arms’ manufacturers hand over some of the mega billions they’re making out of Ukraine’s destruction, that kite will never fly with BlackRock, Vanguard and Raytheon’s other shareholders. Although it could be argued that Poland could cash in by exporting her own weapons, Poland is no longer an industrial powerhouse. The Gdansk shipyards are not even a shadow of their former selves and, though her government cannot or will not see it, Poland’s core role in NATO’s international supply chains has qualitatively changed.

Gone are the brave Gdansk shipworkers and the Silesian fossil fuel miners and in are a group of lacklustre companies that bind Poland into NATO’s globalization grid. Though firms like Amazon using Poland as a source of cheap labor have brought some benefits to Poland, such gains have dented Poland’s once vaunted independence. Good luck to their workers in striking for better conditions in NATO’s vast sweatshops.  (more...)

Poland Mobilizes


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