Monday, June 27, 2022

How Germany became the laughing stock of Europe


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Annalena Baerbock, Germany's newly minted stateswoman, continues to leave lasting impressions on the diplomatic stage. The minister of Defense is following in her footsteps.

Baerbock wants to bring the American Greenpeace leader Jennifer Morgan into the German Foreign Office. Morgan is to work as a special envoy for “international climate policy”.

In view of Germany’s current economic and trade struggles, an energy crisis and sabre rattling with Russia, this is now supposed to be the most important goal: International climate policy! Fortunately, “international” was put in front of it, otherwise some people would have asked themselves what this has to do with Germans. But what is national climate policy? Does it end at Germany’s borders? Do we have a better climate here?

We don’t need to explain to our enlightened readers that the whole climate hysteria is just Green ideology, which is exploited through various scams. However, Ms Baerbock should explain why she hires a US citizen to represent supposedly German (rather Green) interests. Above all, an application for naturalization is being processed. This is because Morgan is to be civil servant and then work as a state secretary.

The basic salary of grade B 11 for state secretaries in the German government has been 14 808 euros per month since 1 March 2020. Added to this is 553 euros as a so-called ministerial allowance. So this is no “normal” appointment.  (more...)

How Germany became the laughing stock of Europe

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