Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Swedish Police Say They Thwarted Neo-Nazi Bombing and Mass Murder Plot


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An alleged neo-Nazi in Sweden who used mass-murderer Anders Brevik as an avatar online and ruminated on how killing children can be moral was arrested with bomb-making material that could have been used to kill hundreds. 

Police arrested Jim Holmgren, 25, on Nov. 4, 2021, at his small farm home outside Falköping, Sweden, and Swedish authorities announced a bevy of weapons charges against him last Friday. He wasn’t, however, charged with terrorism, since his alleged target remains unknown. 

According to court documents provided to VICE News, investigators found a revolver, modified high-powered air rifles, ingredients to make powerful explosives, and neo-Nazi literature strewn about his home. Holmgren, who’s now awaiting trial, was also allegedly involved with a Scandanavian neo-Nazi group and drew inspiration from neo-Nazis like Atomwaffen Division, an infamous accelerationist group connected to several murders. 

Police found five documents allegedly written by Holmgren about his plan, one of which they characterized as a manifesto. One of the documents outlined why it’s morally just for neo-Nazis to kill children, much like Brevik did in 2011 when he murdered 77 people, mostly children. In another, Holmgren chastised neo-Nazi groups for not being willing to commit acts of mass murder to further the cause, according to court documents. 

The documents indicate that he was still in the “planning” phase and had yet to choose a target, but some ideas were suggested. Among the possibilities were a power plant, the police chief in Gothenburg, Sweden, or schoolchildren.  (more...)

Swedish Police Say They Thwarted Neo-Nazi Bombing and Mass Murder Plot

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