Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Nazi sa Ghaeltacht


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Investigative journalist Kevin Magee uncovers the work of Nazi party member and Irish scholar Dr Ludwig Mühlhausen. Mühlhausen spent six weeks in the Gaeltacht hamlet of Teileann in South Donegal in 1937, collecting folklore and improving his Ulster Irish, but that was not the only work he carried out while he was there. As Kevin reveals, in reality he was working as a Nazi spy, gathering information and passing it on to the Third Reich.

Kevin first visited Teileann 40 years ago to learn Irish. He has continued to visit there ever since and over the years he heard stories of Mühlhausen’s visit to the area. Kevin decided to get the bottom of this mysterious tale once and for all. His investigation takes him from Donegal to Dublin and on to Berlin where he uncovers the real work Mühlhausen was involved in the Nazi Party.

A suspected German spy identified a small hamlet in the Donegal Gaeltacht as a possible back door route for a Nazi invasion of the UK. Nazi professor Dr Ludwig Mühlhausen lived in the tiny Irish hamlet of Teelin in 1937, where he scoped out the potential secret U-Boat submarine base.

Upon returning to Germany, he broadcast Nazi propaganda in Irish from Berlin into Ireland during World War Two. He later became a decorated SS officer. Dr Ludwig Mühlhausen's secret life is uncovered in a new BBC Two documentary Nazi sa Ghaeltacht.

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