Friday, January 22, 2021

The Schenker Papers


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The Schenker Company had been one of the most important enterprises engaged in pillage and plunder during German aggressions and mass crimes throughout Europe in the period from 1938 to 1945. This German mega-company has been - and remains - state-owned. Today, operating under the name "DB Schenker," it is a branch of the Deutsche Bahn (DB, the German Railway Company) and is under the authority of the German Ministry of Transport.

DB Schenker, with its 65,000 employees worldwide is, today, not only one of the leading addresses in the USA, but in Greece and throughout the rest of Europe. Its predecessor, Schenker, had played a significant role in the bloodletting of the European continent. The state-owned DB Schenker generates huge revenues and profits: in 2013, 19.7 billion Euros in revenues and 382 million Euros in profits.

In the USA, DB Schenker is advertizing with the slogan "a long tradition of passion for transportation solutions." Schenker's tradition also includes a "passion" for political diversion and spying on the Unites States. It has already been subjected several times to public boycotts in the USA and Great Britain.

However, Schenker became particularly notorious for its gigantic plunder of private and public property throughout Europe. The full extent of Schenker's pillaging in France, Greece and Poland remains unknown. Schenker has never received the bill.

By remaining silent, Schenker-USA is denying its past. The German DB Group, which includes Schenker, is also remaining silent about the company's criminal background by using a trick. In its official self-blurb, the DB Group simply does not extend Schenker's history beyond 1932 and - completely obscuring the suffering Schenker caused in the Nazi period - continues the history in 1984. Hundreds of thousands of its pillaging victims have long since died and their heirs were usually unable to retrace Schenker's plunder during the Nazi years.  (more...)

The Schenker Papers

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