Saturday, March 14, 2020

Lawsuit Reveals Govt Experiment That Gave Kids To Pedophiles To See If Sex Abuse Could Help Them

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Starting in 1969 and running through 2003, a sickening and bizarre sexual experiment was carried out by government officials and a pedophile scientist that deliberately placed troubled children in the care of pedophiles to see if it had “positive consequences.” Victims from this utterly horrifying practice have filed a lawsuit which is getting media coverage this month, exposing the grotesque details of this taxpayer-funded pedophilia experiment.

This practice was known as the Kentler experiment — named after Helmut Kentler, an academic who argued that pedophilia could have “positive consequences” on children. The unruly and “feeble-minded” children would benefit from adult sexual attention, according to Kentler.

Despite the absolutely horrid implications of putting children in the care of pedophiles, in 1969, Kentler managed to persuade West Berlin’s ruling Senate that troubled youths would be glad to be put into situations in which they would be sexually abused.

The children would be “head over heels in love” with their new father figures, Kentler claimed.  (more...)


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