Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Bolivia: Anatomy of a CIA Coup

Bolivia indigenous crime corruption Nazi politics police violence military CIA death squads

Last November a horrifying coup took place overthrowing the socialist government of Bolivia and the nation’s first indigenous president Evo Morales. It was a textbook example of a CIA coup recalling the dark days of Operation Condor when the US installed military dictatorships throughout the region to insure they could be looted by american corporations. Bolivia is now ruled by a self appointed president Jeanine Anez a racist evangelical christian who believes indians are “satanic” and should be barred from entering the cities. Her husband is tied to the Colombian death squads.

When the people of Bolivia rose up to resist the coup they were massacred by the police and military. 36 were killed 832 more were wounded. There have been hundreds of arbitrary arrests, 57 Radio stations have been shut down, foreign journalists have been expelled.  Anyone who dares to complain about the coup is accused of sedition and terrorism.

Murderous fascist traitors who overthrew their own government so that the United States could loot it’s resources have the nerve to charge the winner of the election Evo Morales with sedition, terrorism, and support of terrorism.

It’s a strategy of lawfare pioneered in Brazil where former president Lula was arrested and imprisoned on false charges to keep him from running against the fascist Bolsonaro after his successor Dilma Rousseff was overthrown due to of a phony corruption investigation.

Meanwhile Luis Fernando Comacho the former leader of the fascist paramilitary UJC which has been committing arson, terrorizing protestors, and conspiring with the CIA for ten years is granted total impunity to terrorize the people of Bolivia at the same time as he is running for president. The new coup regime has lost no time in attempting to reverse everything Evo accomplished. National industries are being divided among the coup supporters corrupt cronies so they can loot bankrupt and privatize everything.

Cuban doctors who were in the country to provide health care to the poor, have been expelled at the very moment they were needed to treat the wounded victims of the coup.

Who will count all the children who will die from lack of health care in the new fascist Bolivia? Stipends for poor pregnant women and young children were eliminated. In other words the vast majority of people will be pushed back into poverty and misery while the coup plotters become fantastically wealthy looting the country and reviving the flow of Bolivian cocaine.  (more...)

Bolivia indigenous crime corruption Nazi politics police violence military CIA death squads

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