Thursday, February 20, 2020

Nuclear Genocide In Canada

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Take a moment and list off the nuclear issues in Canada you are aware of: radioactive waste, medical isotopes, radioactive leaks and new nuclear reactors will come to mind. The media reports on little more. Few Canadians know how many communities and environments have been contaminated forever by the nuclear industry. Even fewer know the number of radiation-induced illnesses and premature deaths the Canadian Government has knowingly caused through its actions and inactions.

These papers list a wide range of nuclear issues and situations that have been caused and, for the most part hidden, by the Canadian Government since their involvement in nuclear weapons and nuclear electricity generation began 65 years ago. The government's current attempt to expand their involvement into all parts of the nuclear fuel cycle is particularly frightening.

Much of the following information has been uncovered and exposed by members of the affected communities trying to hold our government accountable. Residents of Port Hope, Deline, Serpent River and other towns have been forced to undertake and fund their own research for over 40 years into elevated disease rates and premature deaths among their family and friends. I can assure you that it is NOT a pleasant, inexpensive or simple task.

My involvement began in 2004 when I found out my daughters' elementary school in Port Hope Ontario was built on radioactive waste. In 1978, the Canadian Government found radon levels under the kindergarten and gymnasium 125 times higher than the allowable level. They covered up these test results and allowed children to be taught in the school for the next 28 years to avoid the cost of cleaning it up and the bad publicity that would follow.

The following is little more than an outline of our nuclear, past, present and future. It is written in simple language that anyone can understand. It is important for Canadians to become aware of these issues. As you read this, think of the impact our nuclear involvement will have on you, your children and your grandchildren. What price will they pay economically, environmentally and to their health?

The Canadian Government and the nuclear industry continue to try to hide the long-term and lethal dangers we face from our exposures to uranium mining, refining, abandoned tailings piles, conversion facilities, contaminated towns, reactors and radioactive waste.

Simply stated: the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, Health Canada, Natural Resources Canada and Atomic Energy of Canada Limited are corrupt and incompetent regarding their responsibility to protect us from the nuclear industry. They are guilty of a nuclear genocide in Canada.  (more...)

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