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The Plot Against the Peace: A Warning to the Nation!

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The Plot Against the Peace, which was first published in 1945, uncovers Nazi Germany’s secret plans for a Third World War. The book reveals how the behind-the-scenes clique which really rules Germany is plotting to undermine the peace, split the United Nations, and convert military defeat into actual victory.

Written by two journalists who have won an international reputation for their exposés of fifth-column activities and worldwide fascist intrigues, this book offers thoroughly documented, indisputable evidence to prove that Germany’s undercover apparatus is at work in the United States today, laying the groundwork for a post-war secret offensive against America. The book disclosed how German spies and assassins are already carrying out their new assignments in the United States, as throughout the rest of the world.

The Plot Against the Peace is a book that names names. Among the vitally important disclosures discussed are how Germany is secretly preparing for the continued post-war operations of the Nazi apparatus; the real story behind the German factories of death; the clandestine building of German hidden arsenals in Spain, Argentina and other countries; the plot for maintaining a Nazi-Junker officer corps in temporary exile abroad after the war; who are the “real brains” behind the German international network; how the Germans have smuggled funds, diamonds and other valuables into the United States to finance their post-war machinations; and what the German plans are for disuniting the United Nations, inciting international turmoil and thus making impossible the fulfilment of the Allied peace aims.

The authors have left nothing to the imagination in their account of the hitherto untold secret history of Nazism, and in their description of the character and deeds of the German General Staff. But, as the authors write, “Those facts had to be recorded and they have to be read.”

An amazing, revealing and urgent document.

THE German General Staff has always regarded military defeat as merely a temporary phase of war. The war goes on. Battle strategy becomes underground conspiracy; artillery is replaced by propaganda; wartime espionage becomes post-war political intrigue, terror, assassination, and secret preparation for new military attack.

"Even the final decision of war is not to be regarded as absolute," wrote Germany's former military theorist, General Karl von Clausewitz, in his celebrated treatise Vom Kriege (On War). "The conquered nation often sees it only as a passing phase, to be repaired in after times by political combinations."

These words have been deeply pondered by the German General Staff–the cabal of army officers, Junkers, and industrialists who are the real rulers of Germany. They provided the German General Staff with the basis of a secret plan by which it successfully operated after the First World War. Today Germany's rulers are again operating on the basis of this secret plan in Germany and throughout the world. . . .

The original form of this secret plan of the German General Staff was discovered in 1915 by William Seamen Bainbridge, an American representative in Berlin. After the First World War, seeking to warn America, Bainbridge wrote a detailed report on Germany for the United States Government. It appears as Document No. 26, Official Senate Documents, First Session of the 68th Congress of the United States. This little-known American document contains the most sensational forecast ever made regarding German policy.

Here is the five-point secret German General Staff plan as revealed to Bainbridge in 1915, three years before the end of the last war, by a German officer in a room in the Hotel Adlon, Berlin:

  1. An armistice will come before any hostile army crosses Germany's frontier.
  2. There will be no scars on the Fatherland after this war.
  3. The immediate competitors in the economic and commercial world will be so crippled that, when it is all over, the Germans will be outselling them in the markets of the world long before they can get on their feet.
  4. Following the war, there will be economic hell, industrial revolution. We will set class against class, individual against individual, until the nations will have pretty much all they can attend to at home and not bother with us.
  5. If need be, the Fatherland may dissemble into component parts and reassemble at the strategic time.

In concluding this extraordinary revelation, the German officer turned to Bainbridge and said with deliberate emphasis:
"The greatest struggle will come after the war. The weapon will be propaganda, the value of which we know. The Allies will be torn asunder, each will be put at the others' throats like a lot of howling gnashing hounds. And when they are all separated from France, Germany will deal with her alone."  (more...)

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