Saturday, December 14, 2019

Group recruiting in Saskatoon supports white supremacy, experts say

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A group that believes Canada's diversity to be its "greatest weakness" is recruiting in Saskatoon.

Posters for the group known as ID Canada have surfaced at various locations across the city and local anti-racism experts say the group's beliefs are rooted in white supremacy.

Some of the posters — many of which have been damaged — are white, red and black in colour and don the words "Defend Canada" above another line of text that reads: "Join the Fight."

The group's website boasts nine chapters across Canada and says: "We refuse to re-write history and pretend like this nation existed before European colonization. Canada is not a 'Nation of immigrants.' The Dominion of Canada was formed by Europeans."

CBC Saskatoon sent several emails to ID Canada seeking comment and also reached out to the group several times on Twitter. No response was received.  (more...)


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