Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Bestselling book claims corruption is Argentina's 'main structure of power'

accountability business corruption politics Argentina

The book topping Argentina’s bestseller list is not a thriller or a murder mystery. It’s a crime story of another sort: a blockbuster about political corruption that suggests that bribery is an integral part of the country’s body politic.

“The reality of corruption in Argentina surpasses fiction,” said Hugo Alconada Mon, an investigative journalist and the author of The Root of All Evil, which was published just as the country was shaken by a wave of graft allegations against senior politicians across the ideological spectrum.

The cases include allegations of bags of cash delivered to former president Cristina Fernández, as well as a plot to allegedly launder under-the-counter contributions to the electoral campaigns of the centre-right party of her successor, Mauricio Macri.

Alconada argues that so many of Argentina’s foremost politicians, judges, journalists and business people are involved in corruption, that it has become impossible to get anything done without it.

“Corruption is no longer an alternative way of conducting business or politics in Argentina – it is the main structure of power, one that has been in place for decades for the benefit of a chosen few,” he said in an interview.  (more...)


accountability business corruption politics Argentina
Who am I to judge?

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