Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Fires Rage in Canada as Professor Attacks the Myth of Holodomor

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University of Alberta Assistant Professor Dougal MacDonald raised hell on November 20 by writing in a personal Facebook post that the 1932-33 genocide of Ukrainians referred to as Holodomor never happened but was rather a “myth fabricated by Hitlerites”.

If such remarks were made in most nations today, it wouldn’t be such a big deal (as only 16 nations have chosen to recognize this event as an act of genocide rather than the tragic act of nature which MacDonald and countless eminent scholars maintain.)

Canada is not however “most nations”, but has rather had the misfortune of hosting some of the most virulent groups of rabid ultra-right wing Ukrainian fascists who were transplanted into the Prairies by Anglo-American intelligence networks in the wake of WWII. Today, many of these 2nd and 3rd generation Banderites control powerful institutions like the Ukrainian Congress of Canada (UCC) and have bred such confused and dangerous personalities as Canada’s own Deputy Prime Minister (and leading Rhodes Scholar) Chrystia Freeland.

Acting from the epicenter of this fascist nexus in Alberta, Professor MacDonald has courageously decided that “enough is enough” writing on the topic of the famine which Ukrainian fascists have mis-labelled a “genocide targeting Ukrainian nationalism”. In his controversial facebook post, MacDonald wrote that “it was the Hitlerite Nazis who created the famine myth in 1933 to discredit the Soviet Union, the enemy they most feared.  The Nazis wrote front page stories in German newspapers, which were then taken up by the reactionary British press.”

Within his very useful writings, there is something vital which Professor MacDonald fails to bring up.

For those who are not aware, the two figures most responsible for the “on the ground evidence” of Holodomor were two journalists named Gareth Jones and Malcolm Muggeridge.  (more...)

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