Friday, December 20, 2019

Wall Street Crooks & The Quandt Nazis

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The German House of Wurttemberg are one of the most dominant and oppressive bloodlines of the Holy Roman Empire and they work closely with German House of Baden-Zahringen. Their former dukedoms and kingdoms merged creating the modern German state of Baden-Wurttemberg. The Wurttembergs are currently headed up by Duke Carl of Wurttemberg and his children Duke Friedrich who is now dead, Duke Philippe, Duke Eberhard, Duke Michael, Duchess Mathilde, and Duchess Fleur. Count Conrad I of Wurttemberg was the founder of this royal house and made an alliance with the Roman Catholic Hirsau Abbey which he financed the Romanization of. The Wurttemberg family married with the Roman Catholic Orleans, Bourbon-Two Sicilies and Pallavicini families in this past century. The Wurttemberg family employ through their royal court various businessmen like Reinhold Wurth who is from Wurttemberg and worth about 10 billion. A noble or royal house is a corporate entity. The name Wurttemberg derives from the earlier name of Wirdeberch. The German words Wird or Wirt refer to talking, speech, command or words. The current Director of the New York Stock Exchange is Jeffrey Sprecher and he is a white collar crook. Sprecher is a German name and derives from Sprechen and like Wirt also means to talk or speech. The Frankfurt Stock Exchange has origins with the ancient trade and currency fairs in Frankfurt which later influenced modern stock exchanges. The Wurttemberg family have command in Wall Street. They use words connected with numeric codes to communicate information to associates and businessmen in regards to trading stocks in order to evade insider trading regulations. They use various books and their pages, numbering, and indexes as their codices and this information is taught in fraternal orders and masonic lodges. Freemasons and Greek fraternal members are educated in numeric coding. The media including financial media use numeric-word hidden communications as well to signal members of secret societies.  (more...)

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