Saturday, November 2, 2019

Synagogue Attack Prompts German Crackdown on Right-Wing Hate Crime

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BERLIN — The German cabinet on Wednesday approved measures to fight right-wing political violence, including tougher rules on gun ownership and stricter monitoring of hate speech online, responding to a rise in hate crime by militant extremists.

Chancellor Angela Merkel's government has been under pressure to act after the killing of a pro-immigration politician in June and an attack on a synagogue and a kebab shop in Halle by an anti-Semitic gunman earlier this month, which left two dead.

Both crimes were carried out by right-wing militants, who were active on online platforms used by extremists to spread racist propaganda and make threats against politicians.

The new rules oblige online platforms and social media to inform security agencies and police about hate content.

If authorities suspect that crimes such as incitement have been committed the platforms are required to disclose the offender's IP address.

The government also wants to make it illegal to sell guns to members of extremist groups monitored by security agencies.

Other measures include providing more financial support to deradicalization programs and groups that foster democracy and fight anti-Semitism.  (more...)

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