Sunday, November 10, 2019

Sinister Forces, Political Witchcraft

Peter Levenda's new book Trilogy "Sinister Forces vol. 1 - 3"  . It is Peter Levenda thesis that something far more than, as he calls it a "matrix of politics and violence", made up the horrors of the 20th century; something more was behind. Perhaps "the occult". Peter believes the long string of human atrocities are linked together like players from a script. A script written in blood.  Tonight we will delve into Charles Mansion & The Family: the Tate / La Bianca murder connections to the Bobby Kennedy Assassination and his purported assassin Sirhan Sirhan. We'll look at legendary blues song writer Robert Johnson and his connection through to The Rolling Stones, all the way to the Mark David Chapman and the assassination of John Lennon. And we will look at something Peter Levenda calls "Political Witchcraft".

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