Sunday, November 3, 2019

Polish Film Exposing Martin Luther Now Available In English

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DETROIT ( - A Polish, Catholic film exposing the real story of Martin Luther can now be watched online with English audio.

In November 2017, Luther and the Protestant Revolution premiered in Poland. The central European nation has a large Catholic majority and has maintained its strong Catholic identity — even after several decades of Soviet rule. The filmmakers chose the premiere date to roughly coincide with the 500th anniversary of Protestantism's founding.

Polish filmmaker Grzegorz Braun was the director of the documentary film, called Luter i Rewolucja Protestancka in Polish.

One year later, the English-speaking world can access the film online for just $5. Church Militant reached out to Braun on Monday and asked about the film's reception in Poland.

He stated, "The viewers in Poland appreciated it from the start, although the mainstream media (including major Catholic press) totally ignored it."  (more...)


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