Thursday, November 28, 2019

Italian Police dismantles 'Nazi' Party network, raids 19 locations

Italy Nazi crime fascism paramilitary weapons

The Italian police in a series of raids carried out in at least 19 locations uncovered a group that was in the process of recruiting members to form a new Nazi party, Italian news sources reported.

The raid was carried out by a joined team of police officers from 16 jurisdictions in Sicily and northern Italy. A joint task force, which has been active for the last two years, carried out the raids in multiple locations.

Italian news wire ANSA reported that the suspects were recruiting like-minded people for joining a pro-Nazi group - "Partito Nazionalsocialista Italiano dei Lavoratori" - the Italian National Socialist Workers' Party.

The police also recovered weapons and explosives from the alleged Pro-Nazi group members.

The investigation found that the group has been carrying out recruitment drives on social media. The members of the group also allegedly were able to set up connections with other Nazi sympathizers in Portugal, France, and Spain, Italian local newspaper, Corriere del Mezzogiorno reported.  (more...)

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