Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Interview with Svali Illuminati Defector

These videos are internet radio interviews of Illuminati defector, 'Svali.' She talks about her life in the Illuminati, why she left, how the Illuminati has infiltrated world governments, (including the U.S. government), and what the Illuminati 'New World Order' agenda is. These interviews were conducted  by Greg Szymanski.

Archived material by Svali:

My contact with Freemasons and Eastern Star during my school years indicated a Luciferian secret society within a secret society that brings this interview to mind. The inner "Family" uses the outer layer as a recruiting ground for dupes and patsies to do their dirty work. I believe they strove to recruit me to that role, which I refused.  My pseudo-Catholic don was very much part of the plot. The college and faculty are the same that Barry and Honey Sherman attended just prior to my time there. I'm inclined to wonder if their recent murders had anything to do with this milieu.

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