Friday, October 26, 2018

Family of Barry and Honey Sherman offers $10-million reward for information on billionaire couple’s murder

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The family of murder victims Barry and Honey Sherman is offering a $10-million reward for information leading to the arrest of the killers of the billionaire couple.

“We are trying to light the fire under the Toronto Police,” family lawyer Brian Greenspan told reporters at a news conference in which he slammed the Toronto police investigation into the killings.

The family has set up a toll-free tip line for anyone who has information on the slayings, he said, adding that any information the family receives will be passed on to police.

Greenspan said the family, which has hired a team of private investigators, has taken this step because the police probe of the slayings had fallen below what could “reasonably” be expected of police.

He said police investigators failed to vacuum the crime scene, failed to assess the status of locks at the home and failed to immediately appreciate that the Shermans were victims of homicide.  (more...)

Some clues:
  1. The police seem to have a certain reluctance to employ standard investigative procedures.
  2. The bodies were positioned in a manner suggestive of ritual murder. In particular, note the belts tied around their necks.
  3. Honey's university college was a Luciferian institution and major masonic recruiting ground. (I lived in the men's dormitory for two years shortly after she graduated. I saw and heard things.)
In a Halloween spirit, review the following:

Possible motives:
  1. Desire for the Shermans' demise.
  2. Extraction of information via torture.
  3. Extraction of their souls for occult utilization.
Ten mil is pretty good incentive for an enterprising sleuth. It's also good incentive for someone to set up a patsy and pocket the proceeds.

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