Wednesday, July 19, 2017

'Who is it protecting?': father questions publication ban on Toronto teacher jailed for sex offences

His daughter had the courage to come forward, so a Toronto father wonders why the courts are keeping secrets.

CBC Toronto can't tell you his name or his daughter's name.

That much, at least, is standard in cases like this one, which involves sex-offences and young victims. It is common — and with good reason — for a victim's identity to be tightly guarded from the public.

But the father is speaking out about what he calls the "overreaching" publication ban that also means we can't tell you the name of the teacher who sexually exploited his daughter and another student, or the Toronto private school where he taught.

"They're going to be hidden, the school and this convicted sex offender, behind the ban," said the father, who spoke publicly for the first time in an interview on CBC Toronto's Metro Morning on Wednesday.

"There are parents whose children are [at the school] today who don't know about this," the father told Metro Morning host Matt Galloway.  (more...)


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