Friday, July 7, 2017

A neo-Catholic Unmasked: Five false things right-wing provocateur Gavin McInnes said in a CBC interview

The founder of a right-wing men’s organization whose members interrupted an Indigenous ceremony on Canada Day used an appearance Wednesday on CBC News to spread misinformation about the history of the Mi’kmaq people.

Gavin McInnes — co-founder of the Vice media empire (which he left in 2008) turned right-wing media personality — heads up Proud Boys, a group of self-described “Western Chauvinists.” Five members of the group, who happen to be members of the Canadian Armed Forces, were suspended by the military and could be kicked out of the service following a non-violent confrontation in a Halifax park on Saturday. The group interrupted an Indigenous ceremony at a statue of Edward Cornwallis, the British general who founded Halifax — but was also responsible for a mid-18th-century bounty on the scalps of the Mi’kmaq people.

CBC’s Power and Politics invited McInnes on the show on Wednesday to weigh in on the controversy — a move that prompted its own backlash, especially after McInnes used the opportunity to misrepresent history. The show apologized for the controversy on Thursday. Here are five falsehoods from McInnes’ interview with host Hannah Thibedeau: (more...)


I belabor this ideological catfight because it points directly at problems that have infested the pro-life movement in Canada. McInnes derives from the neo-Catholic Sun News/Rebel Media mileau that was subverted by the false Catholic Michael Coren. Coren affirmed and legitimized a crowd that infiltrated and appropriated the pro-life community that was founded by Fr. Alphonse de Valk. That founding community has largely been driven out, and what we now see is an organization that uses its good reputation to sheep dip closet Nazis like McInnes. Note that corrupt elements of the Church have long colluded with Nazis to shuttle them along ratlines, launder their money, and covertly insert them into Catholic society. In our defense, Catholics are renowned for our long memories and preservation of history.

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