Thursday, July 13, 2017

Memorial goes ahead at Toronto library for lawyer who represented far-right extremists

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A memorial for a lawyer who counted accused neo-Nazis and white nationalists among her clients went ahead at a Toronto Public Library branch Wednesday evening, despite calls from local politicians and human rights advocates for the library to cancel the event.

“It certainly will discredit the Toronto library system,” said Bernie Farber, former CEO of the Canadian Jewish Congress, who said he was “stunned” that the library agreed to rent space at its Richview branch in Etobicoke for a memorial in honour of Barbara Kulaszka.

“Barbara Kulaszka was a fellow traveller in hate groups in this country. She provided legal counsel to neo-Nazis, racists and bigots, and in fact ensured, through some of the work that she did, that hate laws and neo-Nazis and even Nazi war criminals would not be prosecuted in this country.

“Her legacy, if she has one, is one of increasing and permitting hatred in Canada.”

Kulaszka represented some of Canada’s most famous far-right extremists, including German-born Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel, who was deported back to his home country in 2005 after a Canadian judge deemed him a security threat. Zundel was later sentenced to five years in German prison in 2007.  (more...)

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But, but... they're pro-Aryan life!

My first years in Toronto's elite university placed me in view of the top tier of this milleau. I can make a reasonable guess about where the money trail leads. It is most disturbing.

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