Monday, July 24, 2017

Notorious Mississauga blogger known for anti-Muslim rants faces hate-crime charge

A self-described “journalist & social commentator” known for posting angry video rants attacking Muslims and a range of other targets has been charged with committing a hate crime.

Kevin J. Johnston, a 45-year-old resident of Mississauga, Ont., posts videos on his website and to various social media platforms, and at one point had his accounts suspended by YouTube and Twitter.

Though he carried on fights with various public figures (and even ran for mayor of Mississauga in 2014) he focused much of his attention on schools, which he accused of “indoctrinating” students with Islamic ideology. In one video, he offered a bounty — first $1,000, later increased to $2,500 — to anyone who filmed a Muslim student in a Mississauga school “spewing hate speech during Friday prayers.”

In another, he said Liberal MP Iqra Khalid could get shot for introducing a motion condemning Islamophobia in the House of Commons, and said he’d be there to witness it with a “with a big, fat smile.”  (more...)

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Unfortunately, goons like this glom onto legitimate conservative movements and turn them into circus sideshows. Welcome to Canadian politics.

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