Saturday, July 15, 2017

Neo-Fascist Gadfly: The Mysterious and Psychopathic Francis Parker Yockey


Francis Parker Yockey, a lawyer and former war-crimes prosecutor, was one of the most enigmatic figures inside the far right in both Europe and America. While he is best known today for his book Imperium, a huge tome often described as a Mein Kampf for modern-day neo-Nazis, his life remains a mystery. Pursued by the U.S. Government for almost a decade, Yockey was arrested by the FBI in 1960. Shortly after his capture, he was found dead in his jail cell. An autopsy showed that the 43-year old mystery man had swallowed a cyanide capsule. Yockey’s story takes us into the heart of the postwar Fascist International, a shadow Reich composed of spies, conspirators, and occultists.

The milleau of my youth was much more like this, than the goofy flower-child narrative that today's kids are fed about the baby boom generation.

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