Saturday, January 14, 2017

Teaching certificate revoked after sex incident

The teaching certificate of former District School Board of Niagara teacher Christine Ann Collini has been revoked after she was found guilty of accusations of professional misconduct, including the sexual, physical and emotional abuse of students.

Collini's actions were the object of a three-member disciplinary committee hearing of the Ontario College of Teachers last summer, following interactions with two students in 2012.

The panel's decision was summarized in December’s issue of Professionally Speaking, the magazine of the Ontario College of Teachers.

At the June 7, 2016 hearing, the disciplinary panel received a statement of uncontested facts surrounding the case and a plea of no contest.

Collini, who started her employment with the DSBN in 2000, did not attend the June 7 hearing, nor did she have legal representation. She did prepare written submissions.  (more...)

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