Tuesday, January 24, 2017

McLaren to plead guilty

BELLEVILLE - Jaclyn McLaren, a teacher accused of dozens of sex-related crimes, is set to plead guilty to some of the charges at her next court appearance.

The Stirling woman appeared briefly in court Monday morning alongside her lawyer, Pieter Kort, where court heard the case was coming to a resolution.

Justice Stephen Hunter noted this case has been “pre-tried at great lengths” and a plan for resolution had been reached.

McLaren will appear in court again on March 7 where she will enter guilty pleas to some charges. It is not known which, or how many, charges she will plead guilty to.

Also on that date, it is expected that a sexual offenders report, authored by Kingston-area doctor Dr. Anthony Eccles, will be requested, as will a pre-sentence report.

It will take approximately 10 weeks for the reports to be authored.

Hastings County assistant Crown Attorney Lynn Ross said further reports — regarding which programs and counselling will be available for McLaren once in custody — may be requested at the next court date.

She described the case as “difficult” and “sensitive.”

McLaren’s plans to plead guilty will spare the victims involved from having to testify at a trial, Ross noted.

“And she will receive credit for that,” she said.  (more...)


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