Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Chris Spence pleads for second chance after losing teaching licence for plagiarism

Chris Spence says he’s “still reeling” over being stripped of his teaching licence a month ago because of plagiarism, and that he has already paid “a heavy price” for his mistakes.

The former director of education with the Toronto District School Board also says he believes his very public disgrace that began four years ago could be a lesson for kids on how to face mistakes and “the ability to get back up after you’ve been knocked down.”

“I am a work in progress, I’m a flawed human being,” Spence, 54, told the Star Monday, a month after the Ontario College of Teachers removed his licence.

“The fact of the matter is in life everyone’s going to face failure and defeat. And I’m staring it right in the face right now. And I want to demonstrate to all those kids that you can overcome adversity and you can get back up and you can make contributions. And it really starts by taking ownership.”  (more...)

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Truth is, Chris, thousands of kids imprisoned in that system think it's hell, too.

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