Monday, January 16, 2017

Hundreds of university students find sugar daddies online, negotiate average $2,700 a month allowance

Facing staggering debt, hundreds of Alberta post-secondary students are logging on to a website connecting them with “sugar daddies” who can provide them with a monthly allowance and gifts in exchange for negotiated relationships.

But student advocates warn such arrangements can be fraught with peril, exposing them to potential exploitation or abuse with few avenues to disentangle themselves from a bad situation.

Matchmaking website Seeking Arrangement this week released its rankings of Canadian universities that have had students sign up in search of financial aid. Equating relationships to a business deal, the company said clients hammer out financial arrangements with benefactors ahead of time, leaving the expectations of such an accord between them.

In 2016, the University of Alberta topped the list for new sign-ups in Canada, with 138 new students logging on. The boom in new members at the Edmonton school brings its total number of members (determined by those using their university emails) to 422, ranked the seventh most of all Canadian post-secondary institutions.  (more...)

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  1. Highly paid prostitutes, nothing more. If young women (or men) want to be prostitutes, there is not a thing anyone else can do about it. But they shouldn't fool themselves. That's what they are. Hookers. They'll be cast aside as soon as the blossom is off the rose.
    And they'll have ugly memories to last a lifetime, if not an STD or two.