Monday, December 8, 2014

Victims Angry at Being Ignored by ‘Disrespectful, Manipulative’ Home Office

Britain's Home Secretary Theresa May
Victims and whistleblowers of child abuse say that their calls for changes to be made to the way the Westminster paedophile inquiry is being carried out have consistently fallen on deaf ears at the Home Office, fuelling suspicion of a continuing major government cover-up.

Whilst an official inquiry into allegations of a so-called Westminster paedophile ring was launched in July, Phil Frampton, the former chair of the Care Leavers Association, and one of the most vocal critics of the inquiry, claims that the investigation has done little but “play” survivors by going through the motions of consulting victims for the benefit of public consumption, but failing to do anything about it.

“We are extremely concerned and angry at the disrespect the Home Office has shown to survivors, since the inquiry was announced, its use of obfuscation, manipulation, lack of transparency and misrepresentation of survivors,” says Frampton.  (more...)

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