Monday, December 22, 2014

Child abuse inquiry: 'Deliberate mistakes are sabotaging inquiry into child abuse scandals'

Home Secretary Theresa May
An MP today accused the Government of “deliberate mistakes” to stop the official inquiry into child abuse scandals getting to the truth.

The bombshell allegation of sabotage was made by Labour’s Simon Danczuk, who laid bare the abuse of boys by late Liberal Democrat grandee Sir Cyril Smith.

“You can’t help thinking that they aren’t intent on getting this right,” the MP commented after a leaked letter revealed that Home Secretary Theresa May told inquiry members their panel might be disbanded.

“There’s a catalogue of mistakes that have been made, some of them fairly basic.”

Mr Danczuk said some survivors of child abuse were wondering if the setbacks were linked to the fact that some of the allegations involved “high-profile figures”.

He added: “You can’t help thinking that some of this is quite deliberate mistakes by people in central government. They don’t want to get to the truth, that would be the allegation.”  (more...)

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