Friday, December 12, 2014

Group seeks more consultation on Ontario sex ed curriculum

Gwen Landolt, founder of REAL Women of Canada (left) and Mary Ellen Douglas,
the national organizer for Campaign Life Coalition (right)
TORONTO - Concerns that there was insufficient parental consultation during the reform of Ontario's sexual education curriculum that many feel will leave kids learning too much too young were formally voiced by a newly formed Toronto citizens' group Dec. 12.

nd some in the group went further, predicting that much of what was shelved four years ago when the Liberal government tried to bring changes to the curriculum will be brought back, and they expressed concerns that an alleged child pornographer had a large hand in developing that curriculum.

“What we are trying to do now is to make sure that the consultation will let all parents express their views,” said Peter Chen, co-ordinator of Citizens for Good Education, which hosted a press conference in Toronto to voice its concerns. “We would like transparency and democracy in this consultation.”

Citizens for Good Education is an umbrella-group that represents more than 200 faith and ethnic groups, including the Catholic Civil Rights League, REAL Women of Canada and the Toronto Chinese Catholic Task-force.  (more...)

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